Finally mastered enough inspiration to have another Swan Queen vid in the works.

I’m gonna tear all your hearts out and throw them on the floor and jump on them until you all beg for mercy.


Sorry, I’m totally kidding.  I get kind of psychotic when working on SQ vids because they give me all kinds of intense feels and make me lose what little sanity I had to begin with.

SwanQueenStudio is looking for members!

Love Emma/Regina from Once Upon a Time? Join the new and shiny SwanQueenStudio collaboration group! Here are a few, simple reasons why:

1) Creation of beautiful things, namely music videos.
2) New Swan Queen friends.
3) Lana Parrilla
4) Jennifer Morrison
5) Emma needs you to join the group in order to break the curse by the only True Love’s Kiss we know can do that (Regina adds that she hates peach flavored lipgloss and wishes for apple flavor).

So! You interested now? (If not, I understand. Here, have some delicious home made apple pie from Regina!) Good. How to audition for this beautiful group? Go here to find out!