the magic lessons never end at Swan-Mills’

AU: Where The Princesses Team Up to Save the Kingdom (inspired by Kova and Kiara from The Lion King II)

"Here’s the thing, Regina. Your mother is trying to kill mine and vice versa. How about we stop the nonsense and show them we’re all in this together?"

"Well, let’s start by tearing down these horrid posters, I say."

when my dash ships it

when my dash ships it


Have the Swan Queen fandom really started raising money to make a shitty documentary on how their ship is never gonna be canon? Guys, I’m all for LGB and stuff but this is beyond a fucking joke. I AM SO FUCKING DONE. image

If you would look into the academic work of any fandom scholar (personally I recommend Henry Jenkins or Lisa Lewis in this matter), you will find that ‘how their ship is never going to be canon’ is the base of most, if not all, fieldwork on lgbt relationships represented in television.

There are many reasons for this, especially the interest in these topic due to non-visibility on tv in history. To explore something by a ‘shitty documentary’ (or a ‘shitty research’ or a ‘shitty book’ or a ‘shitty PhD in Audience Studies’) is an actual thing people do for living and brings new information into the still new field of Media and Fandom studies. 

I recommend you read Henry Jenkins’ (a leading academic from 1991 when he first published ‘Textual Poachers’) blog in general, or maybe just posts like these where he talks about how ‘his ship’ is divided by a glass and what is represents:

Or maybe, you know, actually do your research before calling someone’s work ‘shitty’.


Regina out.

regina + emma’s unicorns

regina + emma’s unicorns

We’re just two little girls, who didn’t matter, who don’t think they ever will.

magical accidents happen

Swen Roll Call: Where is everyone located (no need to get specific) 


I’ll go first:

I’m from Boston, Massachusetts.


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Edinburgh, Scotland:)


Tomorrow is the start of Double Trouble month xD


Tomorrow is the start of Double Trouble month xD

  • plot:  emma gets together with hook. regina gets together with hood.
  • plot twist:  hook and regina accidentally switch bodies. things are awkward and we get morrilla make out.
  • actual plot twist:  the body switch never happened. hook and regina just wanted to switch for a week without emma's and hood's morals meddling in.
  • cliff-hanger:  regina refuses to 'switch back'