Have the Swan Queen fandom really started raising money to make a shitty documentary on how their ship is never gonna be canon? Guys, I’m all for LGB and stuff but this is beyond a fucking joke. I AM SO FUCKING DONE. image

If you would look into the academic work of any fandom scholar (personally I recommend Henry Jenkins or Lisa Lewis in this matter), you will find that ‘how their ship is never going to be canon’ is the base of most, if not all, fieldwork on lgbt relationships represented in television.

There are many reasons for this, especially the interest in these topic due to non-visibility on tv in history. To explore something by a ‘shitty documentary’ (or a ‘shitty research’ or a ‘shitty book’ or a ‘shitty PhD in Audience Studies’) is an actual thing people do for living and brings new information into the still new field of Media and Fandom studies. 

I recommend you read Henry Jenkins’ (a leading academic from 1991 when he first published ‘Textual Poachers’) blog in general, or maybe just posts like these where he talks about how ‘his ship’ is divided by a glass and what is represents:

Or maybe, you know, actually do your research before calling someone’s work ‘shitty’.


Regina out.

We’re just two little girls, who didn’t matter, who don’t think they ever will.

magical accidents happen

  • plot:  emma gets together with hook. regina gets together with hood.
  • plot twist:  hook and regina accidentally switch bodies. things are awkward and we get morrilla make out.
  • actual plot twist:  the body switch never happened. hook and regina just wanted to switch for a week without emma's and hood's morals meddling in.
  • cliff-hanger:  regina refuses to 'switch back'

"You’re just lucky you kiss better than you dance, Swan Princess."

AU: Princess Emma asks The Evil Queen for help

"You’re brave to come here alone, girl," the Queen spoke, eyeing the intruder. "Brave, but stupid. Like all Charmings."

"You know who I am?" the blonde girl asked, carefully approaching the burning fire.

"No amount of rugs can hide the shining goodness within you, little girl. It’s disgusting, really."

The Queen considered sending Snow White the head of her beloved daughter on a plate, now that such opportunity arose. They buried their differences long time ago, for the sake of peace within the kingdom, but that did not mean Snow’s foolish daughter could just waltz into her kingdom like that. Surely, there should be consequences.

"I need your help, Your Majesty," Princess Emma said, her voice trembling slightly. 

"Oh, sweet child, After everything, you think I would help anyone of the White family? You must be even more naive than your mother. But amuse me, what do you want from me?"

Princess Emma took three steps forward, her face illuminated by the fire. The Queen took liking to the sight of her and found herself staring. Without the tremble in her voice, the blonde spoke.

"I want you to help me kill King James. I want you to help me kill my husband. I heard that in the entire Land, you would have an understanding what it is like to be married to a man only because your family needs the connection." 

Queen Regina fought her surprise at the spark of true hatred she saw in the green eyes. Indeed, she now knew what drove the Princess to her castle. 

"Very well then, I believe it’s bad manners to discuss business without a drink. How would you like a glass of the best apple cider you ever tasted?"

regina is concerned with the writing 

once upon a charming likes his women curvy okay

why did no one tell me earlier the official once upon a time book is basically a swan queen foreshadowing fanfic??

watching once upon a time and zelena be like