storybrooke has frozen

storybrooke has frozen

regina did not like this whole co-parenting thing one bit 

Young Regina gets into Emma’s world when trying to escape her mother and catches the eye of a certain blonde petty thief.

i’ve started changing a long time before this moment

i’ve started changing a long time before this moment

au: hogwarts; a little bit of mischief

"So you can just change to anyone you like? Like McGonagall did with the cat?" Emma asked curiously, watching Regina mix the ingredients. 

"That’s transfiguration, you idiot," Regina rolled her eyes, something the muggle-raised Emma was used to by now and didn’t take it the least bit serious.

"But you can change. To anyone."

Regina’s eyes didn’t leave the boiling cauldron as she watched the purple smoke rise. “Basically, yes. If you have their hair or a nail or something to mix in.”

"Cool," the blonde smiled and then surprised a giggle when the smoke made Regina cough up. "So, whose hair should we get?"

(pumping people up for chrmdpoet upcoming hogwarts fanfic; this bit has nothing to do with the actual fanfic imma just playing in the hp universe ;))

this has been a good year for slavic languages 

while the entire fandom of Once Upon a Time now knows that ‘zelena’ means ‘green’

the orphan black fandom learnt that ‘sestra’ means a ‘sister’ 


Once Upon a Time: a brief summary

au: emma has to go back to past to help regina enact the initial curse, otherwise henry would have never been born; and snow white makes the matters complicated

Regina’s back hit the dirty prison cell ground as Emma landed on top of her, breathing heavily. They had been trying to get out of the cell but the protective magic shield had knocked them back, resulting in quite an uncomfortable position, pressed against each other, feeling each other’s chests rise and fall. Instead of immediately parting, they stayed like that, gawking at each other awkwardly until Regina raised her free hand to brush a strand of blonde hair behind Emma’s ear. 

"I—" Emma started but was cut short by a stern voice. 

"Seems like you’re getting too comfortable here, perhaps separate cells are in order?" Snow White’s tone was harsh and unlike anything Emma remembered. They immediately bolted up, Emma clinging to the prison bars.

"Snow…Queen Snow White, please, don’t do this, I can explain, I—-"

"You’ve been helping the Evil Queen escape her cell, there isn’t anything to explain. That is unless you want to tell me how you knew about my current…state. What does the Evil Queen want with my unborn child?" Snow waited for the prisoners to answer but her gaze was met with silence.

"Very well. Don’t get too cozy in here, the trial is tomorrow and if by then you won’t be more cooperative, maybe the arrows will make you talk."

After Snow left, Emma sunk against the wall, hugging her knees. The brunette sat down next to her and gently took her hand.

"Don’t worry, Emma. We’ll get out of here," she said and even though once upon a time in a different world Emma would believe her, this time the words brought little comfort.  

au: hogwarts

After the boys left, Regina struggled to catch her breath the curse had knocked out of her lungs. As she turned around to glance at the girl who  chased the attackers away, a concerned voice dissolved her foggy thoughts.

"Are you alright?" 

Regina’s vision focused on the blonde. That Griffindor idiot, she thought.

"Go away, Swan," Regina growled. Last thing she needed was for the Swan girl to see her humiliated like that. Weak, knocked out by a simple stunning curse - not even well cast, as she could still move even though every movement hurt.

"A simple thank you would be enough, you know. I just saved your sorry ass here, Mills, those two jerks could have easily done worse than a half-ass stunning curse," Emma Swan said in a voice that sounded more hurt than offended.

"I had it under control. How come you’re even here, last time I checked the Griffindors were too goody-shoed to wander around the castle after curfew."

"I heard them talking about ganging up on you after what happened to McGonagall, they think you are supplying inside information to your mother at the Ministry."

Emma seemed to be blushing. Regina could say she was lying when she said next: “I did not want my house to lose any more points for their hot headed actions.”

"I didn’t need your help," Regina said. They both knew she was lying, too.