Regina’s walls are not made of brick and cement like Emma’s are, there is no need to build them sturdy and impregnable around herself since hardly anyone has ever truly tried to get past them. Hers are high and made of glass, a strong, ever-lasting glass that allows her to look to the other side but never cross the line.

So when Emma comes to her office late at night, her hair reflecting the fire more beautiful than all the gold of the land Regina once knew and her emerald eyes looking straight through at Regina - at all of her, not just fragments of the abused child, the evil queen, the villain and the hero - she has no choice but stay still, waiting for the silent blonde to speak.

Emma doesn’t speak, instead she closes her eyes and leans in, Regina willingly parting her lips for the kiss that holds the promise of something much more desperately needed in the world than magic.

As Emma kisses her, the protective glass prison shatters and thousands of sharp pieces seem to stab her heart at once, the soft lips against hers soothing the pain inside instantly and replacing it with the most powerful magic of all.


  •  [regina gets frozen]
  • elsa:  well last time this happened we needed an act of true love
  • elsa:  should be like a family-sort-of-love maybe idk?
  • henry:  PICK ME
  • elsa:  not you though
  • elsa:  sorry i don't make the rules
  • elsa:  does regina have a best friend?
  • snow:  
  • charming:  
  • snow:  we can work on finding A friend first maybe?
  • elsa:  okay is there anyone in here who is obsessed with making regina happy, calls her like all the time, exchanges apple pies with her, visits her at her house quite often, wears her clothes and basically is a bff with her without even realizing it?
  • everyone:  
  •  [emma swan enters the scene]
  • emma:  yo guys why is there a regina ice statue in here?
  •  [regina melts back into human form]
  • elsa:  
  • snow:  
  • everyone:  
  • emma:  what?

storybrooke has frozen

storybrooke has frozen

regina did not like this whole co-parenting thing one bit 

Young Regina gets into Emma’s world when trying to escape her mother and catches the eye of a certain blonde petty thief.

i’ve started changing a long time before this moment

i’ve started changing a long time before this moment

au: hogwarts; a little bit of mischief

"So you can just change to anyone you like? Like McGonagall did with the cat?" Emma asked curiously, watching Regina mix the ingredients. 

"That’s transfiguration, you idiot," Regina rolled her eyes, something the muggle-raised Emma was used to by now and didn’t take it the least bit serious.

"But you can change. To anyone."

Regina’s eyes didn’t leave the boiling cauldron as she watched the purple smoke rise. “Basically, yes. If you have their hair or a nail or something to mix in.”

"Cool," the blonde smiled and then surprised a giggle when the smoke made Regina cough up. "So, whose hair should we get?"

(pumping people up for chrmdpoet upcoming hogwarts fanfic; this bit has nothing to do with the actual fanfic imma just playing in the hp universe ;))

this has been a good year for slavic languages 

while the entire fandom of Once Upon a Time now knows that ‘zelena’ means ‘green’

the orphan black fandom learnt that ‘sestra’ means a ‘sister’ 


Once Upon a Time: a brief summary