We Set Fire to Our Beds (1/?) 

Summary: Regina has a problem, Emma has an opposite of that problem. Both have friends that have terrible fashion sense and even worse advice.

AN: This might be a one shot. Or not. It has no Outlaw Queen or Captain Hook descriptive content but given it fits into the OUAT universe, both ships are talked about due to nature of this fic. Warning: endgame adultery. Slight d/s content may happen later. Also Maleficent looks like Kristin Bauer but has the backstory of Disney’s film Maleficent (and probably runs a dom business idk).


It wasn’t that Regina didn’t like getting intimate with Robin. She did, really. The kisses were passionate, the hands firms, and she somehow even enjoyed the feeling of his stubble against her skin as they kissed (it reminded her of Graham, sometimes).

"But he can’t get it up," Maleficent interrupted Regina’s confusing speech, getting an annoyed sigh from the brunette. 

"No, that’s not a problem," Regina reassured her, crossing her legs and leaning back into the leather chair. Maleficent might have been out of the land with magic but she sure as hell managed to turned the second floor apartment into some leather fetish basement in no time at all.

"Darling, just get to the point. I got clients waiting practically outside my door, you’re taking up my precious time with this teenage nonsense," the blonde took a sip of her blood-red wine, tilting her head to the side and narrowing her eyes dangerously. Regina did not ask about the mentioned clientele, whatever was going on behind Maleficent’s closed door to generate her the obviously high income was something she did not want to know about in detail.

"The point is…he is so, uhm," she tried to come up with a word that would not be ‘boring’ but trying to accomplish that only made the word more fitting, "…gentle."

"As in can’t-get-it-hard sort of gentle or…" Maleficent suggested unhelpfully again, her obsession with the topic cutting into Regina’s temper.

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"Hook visits Mr. Gold and asks for his hand to be reattached so that he can embrace her with both hands" 



The stupidity of this quote is outstanding, how more insulting this show can be?

They were like “Well we’ve already skated past rape, racism, homophobia and sexism…WHY NOT ADD ABLEISM!


are you sure about that claim???


I will never get tired of this story.


It’s okay girls, the gayness isn’t so easily controlled, we’ve all been here.

Isn’t it better to be a late bloomer?

Regina’s walls are not made of brick and cement like Emma’s are, there is no need to build them sturdy and impregnable around herself since hardly anyone has ever truly tried to get past them. Hers are high and made of glass, a strong, ever-lasting glass that allows her to look to the other side but never cross the line.

So when Emma comes to her office late at night, her hair reflecting the fire more beautiful than all the gold of the land Regina once knew and her emerald eyes looking straight through at Regina - at all of her, not just fragments of the abused child, the evil queen, the villain and the hero - she has no choice but stay still, waiting for the silent blonde to speak.

Emma doesn’t speak, instead she closes her eyes and leans in, Regina willingly parting her lips for the kiss that holds the promise of something much more desperately needed in the world than magic.

As Emma kisses her, the protective glass prison shatters and thousands of sharp pieces seem to stab her heart at once, the soft lips against hers soothing the pain inside instantly and replacing it with the most powerful magic of all.


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reblogging because this is an old manip of mine which source you can find here for proper reblogging (and in a better quality):